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CoE IoT India, a deep tech IoT startups accelerator at it’s core, is an initiative to build an IoT ecosystem in India that connects various entities such as startups, enterprises, venture capitalists, government, and academia.
We enable startups in areas of IoT, Big Data, AR/VR, AI, and Robotics to reach their maximum potential.

Engaging with deep-tech startups

We work on what we call #FAME model which stands for funding, incubation, acceleration, mentor support and enterprise connect. We help you in raising money from a large range of investors, working with mentors and experts, and connecting with enterprises for higher level of engagements.

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IoT Startups in India
IoT India Lab

More than just a co-working space

Because hardware startups need more than high-speed internet and workstation space, we have build #InnovateLab with facilities such as vector signal generator, 500 Mhz Oscilloscope, digital multimeter, development kits, among others. These tools will help you accelerate your product development at least 3x faster.

Co-create Program

Address the current shortcomings with game-changing solutions from innovators. We aim to address the obstacles which industry players currently face to adopt world-class technology solutions. We help you scout startups which are right fit for you. Connect with startups to explore possibilities of potential orders, GTMs, acquisitions, or investments.

 Agritech | Healthtech | Robotics | Industry 4.0

Indian IoT Startups

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